4 Reasons for Choosing Board for Online Meetings

The board software is a collaborative, interactive whiteboard platform that lets collegial bodies bring teams together anytime, anywhere, virtually for better decision-making. This article will analyze the basic reasons for choosing board software for meeting automation.

Board software – a new way for the board of director’s productivity

All over the world, Web conferencing services and products have been in steady demand for the past few years. According to Wainhouse Research’s WebMetric report, the total duration of Web conferences increased by 75.5% in 2005. Companies of different sizes and lines of business prefer this technology due to its overall efficiency, ease of deployment, and quick payback. The board of directors also prefers to use virtual technologies to make their activity more transparent and secure.

Due to its disjointed nature, the corporate environment does not promote fruitful contacts and the common use of information. Participation in a Web conference, collegial discussion of problems, and development of a common solution can dramatically increase the efficiency of business processes within the company. It should have a favorable effect on the formation of a business climate.

The board meeting software is considered the recognized leader in the profile market. It is an effective tool that has repeatedly proven its convenience in practice. It is a comprehensive solution for automating workflows, especially end-to-end ones, eliminating a wide variety of complexities and taking into account the specifics of each particular business area to the maximum. Special attention deserves the fact that thanks to the board solution, the board of directors can get rid of stereotypes and customize the solution in full accordance with the needs of the company – the flexibility of the system allows you to do this in a matter of minutes.

Reasons to use the board software

We have determined 4 main reasons why collegial bodies choose the board of directors software to organize online meetings:

  1. Polling function

During the discussion, the board of directors can vote. As a result, summary statistical information immediately appears at the host, for example, in the form of a diagram. These functions are convenient for student control, sociological, or marketing surveys when it is necessary to find a range of opinions before making a decision. If, for some reason, someone was unable to participate in the conference, all data, including audio and video, can be archived and later played using streaming tools.

  1. Easy data management

The board software not only speeds up and simplifies the passage of a document through the authorities but also allows the boards to instantly find documents, automatically monitoring the timing of their execution. When you use electronic document management, they will not violate the deadline for reporting and preparing answers to higher organizations or partners. The speed of the passage of an electronic document between the board members in the workflow is instantaneous. Immediately after determining the circle of performers, the document will fall into their workspace without delay. In the same way, the results of the execution will be available to the manager after the executor generates them.

  1. The built-in scheduler and calendar

allows you to keep track of all the elements and stages of the project as a whole and any of its parts. At the same time, all documents, notes, and comments that were made in the process of working on the project are visible. The boards can view all chats and listen to the recordings of meetings and negotiations. A built-in calendar makes it possible to plan collaboration, and schedule meetings, meetings, and presentations.

  1. Security

The board software solutions have flexible security policies throughout the company and use encryption tools and automatic updates. It significantly reduces the risk of data leakage.