Clinked Review

Clinked Data Room helps to unleash the true potential of companies by integrating business and management processes. In this article, more about its functionality and advantages for business.

What is Clinked Data Room?

Modern conditions for the development of information technologies make it possible to widely use highly efficient automated information systems like Virtual Data Room, which significantly increases the level of management of an industrial enterprise. According to Clinked review, these information systems collect and store information, transfer it promptly and accurately to its intended purpose, process the required data, analyze the data obtained and identify any deviations from the standard or planned indicators. This makes it possible to carry out step-by-step systematic control over all sections of the technological process of the enterprise, coordinate and make appropriate adjustments on time. The use of Data Rooms creates the preconditions for strengthening the centralization and efficiency of control of the highest level of management over the activities of the divisions of a construction company.

Clinked is a highly secure Data Room, cloud storage, a file sync and share service, and also email encryption. It is a multifunctional software that combines useful features for creating a client portal, collaboration tool, and data exchange.

Clinked Data Room – a client collaboration portal

Clinked offers a customizable client collaboration portal for businesses. The software is a model of providing through a technological platform for direct interaction and the implementation of transactions between entities using new methods and forms of interaction, value creation, and pricing.

Clinked Data Room is presented as a multipurpose and multifunctional cybernetic system. To achieve these goals, the software, relying on its subsystems, performs the following functions:

  • transformation of the initial data received from the employees of the enterprise, including their semantic assessment, replication, and input into the information and communication channels of the enterprise, to a form convenient for joint use;
  • semantic processing of primary data for their fuller use;
  • formation and long-term storage of information resources of the enterprise in traditional and electronic forms;
  • dissemination of information stored in the information bank of the enterprise in real-time or reference service upon request.

What are the benefits for business?

Clinked Data Room provides the following advantages for business management:

  • Optimization of processes. The Data Room enables businesses to automate simpler processes and eliminate intermediate steps in more complex operations. This increases the flexibility of enterprises, which can now use their resources much more efficiently.
  • Clinked Data Room helps reduce costs and improve business efficiency. With virtualization technologies, you can customize applications to your liking and access cloud services from anywhere. Employees can perform tasks both in the office and outside it because all data is stored in a single cloud system and all they need is access to the Internet.
  • Data security. It provides more regular hardware and software updates. The result is a safer and more modern infrastructure. Data Room security measures include data encryption, user identification, and authentication, and protection against unauthorized changes, and also data backup.
  • Office workers can easily share data and real-time updates with those away from the office. Moving to cloud computing can not only improve efficiency and productivity but also save costs. Global access means that teams of professionals located around the world can collaborate.
  • Reduced capital costs. There is no need to create data processing centers and associated cable networks, heating, and cooling systems, purchase equipment, attract engineering and operating personnel, etc.