Which data room providers has been rebranded recently and how their products changed

Developers of virtual data rooms are trying to keep up with modern demands, so if a vendor decides to rebrand their product, they will refresh their capabilities to become more relevant to their customers. Usually, rebranding is done by companies that have been in a different industry and have decided to convert their operations. With a good foundation to start a new business in the form of expertise, companies create successful new data rooms with modern features and a quality structure. In this article, we take a look at VDR developers who have rebranded their products and explain how they have changed. 

Merill Datasite Virtual Data Room Review 

Datasite virtual data room is a program that used to be called Merill Corporation and rebranded its company in 2020. Now, this VDR is one of the most popular, successful, and frequently used SaaS providers. VDR provides M&A services and targets virtually all sizes of companies and their industries. The list includes both large and small businesses, law firms, and investment firms, and you can use it to perform a variety of business operations, IPOs, integrations, data management, restructurings, and more. 

Despite the rebranding, the vendor remains a fairly recognizable brand in the marketplace, but still, with the innovations introduced, the vendor’s functions are constantly expanding to please clients. And with the help of valuable experience, the company offers quality customer service. 

The main functions are: 

  • Identify data with AI -save time editing. Highlight the text fragments you need to edit, and the system will do everything for you
  • Due diligence analytics – Admin access to detailed statistics on everything related to the due diligence, including user actions, questions asked, and more
  • Automatic chores -Simplifies a lot of processes for your employees in the Q&A section and data organization
  • Great level of security – High level of privacy provides your employees with the right knowledge of security compliance and uses white hat hackers to protect against hacking

Intralinks Data Room Review 

Intralinks is another successful VDR provider that has benefited from rebranding. This product can be described as a transparent and simple cloud space, with reliable services and economical costs. The provider is focused on keeping the due diligence process up to speed. It has many features to automate and simplify workflows. The program supports multiple usage formats and allows you to fully get the information you need from anywhere. 

Data room protection meets all high standards and includes all necessary data protection measures such as data encryption, double authentication, dynamic watermarks, and also advanced protection for PDP files and Office. 

The space is easy to navigate, as the support team provides training and timely assistance to minimize your problems. Use Intralinx for almost any financial transaction.

Data Room by DiliTrust Review 

Another one of the data room providers that has successfully survived rebranding is DiliTrust. One of the distinctive qualities of this provider is that it regularly updates its services and features. The developers follow the development of new technologies and try to integrate them into their systems whenever possible. DiliTrust is compatible with any device and provides robust features to protect your data during mergers and acquisitions. The developer offers powerful authentication and anti-virus capabilities. In addition, VDR pays great attention to the interface, which is often improved. Additional developer features include instant alerts, a question-and-answer section, statistics, and document annotation.